Thursday, April 9, 2009

my trip to hampton

(Narrated by Zane)

Hey there. Sit back and I'll tell you about my trip I took down south last weekend to see my Nana Beth and Pops. First, my Pops said it was time for me to meet my horse, Valentine. You know, the manly one? I wanted to be properly dressed for the occasion, so I put on my cowboy hat onesie. My Pops likes to call me "Cowboy".

Once I had on the proper attire, Pops took me to the barn. He said I'm not quite big enough to ride yet.

Mom showed me the horseys. It's pretty cool that I already have my own horse, huh?

And I figured out why my manly horse is named 'Valentine'. He has a heart-shaped marking on his booty! This is the best picture I could get of the heart.

Then we went to sit on the John Deere tractor, because all little boys love tractors, right? My mom says she used to spend a lot of time on one of these during the summer....cutting, raking, and moving hay. I'm not really sure I believe her, but she did look pretty natural up there.

I was pretty worn out after so much excitement on the farm, so I took a little nap.

Later, mom stripped off all of my clothes, but she was NOT gonna get my diaper. I held on for dear life!

Just in case she didn't believe me, I gave her my mean face and shook my fist at her. (It's all an act, but don't let her know.)

Happy Anniversary, Nana Beth and Pops! Thanks for a fun trip!


Lea Liz said...

sooo cute!! I love that lil cowboy onesie!!

hannah fulks said...

he is the cutest little boy, sarah. i LOVE the picture of him shaking his fist at you! :)

Amanda said...

I swear I have never seen a baby as cute as Zane. I love the tractor pics!

Chris & Whitney said...

The pics (& narration!) of him in the diaper and his mean face made me laugh out loud! SOOOOOO cute!

And you look great! Miss you!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

What a cute story! Kohen and I ALMOST came to visit you at Target on your first day back to work...I even told my mom I was coming to see you. I was so worried that it might make you sad when you saw Kohen so I decided not to come! I will definitely come by the pharmacy next time we're there!
Zane is adorable!!!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

We got Kohen's jumper the day he turned 4 months old. His feet didn't touch either! He would sit in it a look around at all the stuff, but not really play with it. NOW he can't get enough of it! He jumps so hard and turns full circles and plays with everything! It's so fun to watch him! Just a few weeks Zane will LOVE it!

Jordan said...

Oh, what a cute little cowboy! William is so jealous of Valentine-he has to settle for a stuffed horsey! Zane is precious and getting so big. We can't wait to visit you-maybe we can make it to LR in May? P.S. I have just posted a 4 month update especially for you, Sarah :)