Friday, December 19, 2008

Zane gets spoiled again...and again.

The ladies at the church I grew up in gave Baby Zane a shower on November 30th. Once again he was spoiled with so many goodies. I really racked up on much needed diapers and wipes at this shower! These ladies know about the necessities. The picture below of my mom and me is not great, but I like that it shows just how far the belly sticks out.

On December 6th, the Target team gave me a shower at Kailey's house! It was alot of fun to hang out with the girls that I normally only see at work. And they went crazy with gifts for Zane...I think it may've been a competition for holding rights when he gets here!

The hostesses: Kailey, Tina, (me), and Lisa

The fabulous cake!

Here are some preview shots of the nursery. I am supposed to get my canvas at the beginning of next week. As soon as it's up, the room will be just about complete and I'll post more pics....we are waiting on one other vital piece...a baby to put in it! I am 37 weeks & 1 day. I had a check-up today and everything is still looking good. We've talked about inducing the weekend after New Year's (IF he hasn't come on his own by then!) way or another it won't be much longer until we get to meet this guy!

A closer view of the bedding


Amanda said...

Love love love the bedding and his letters! You look great toting that big ole belly around:)

Chris & Whitney said... may not want to hear this, but you still look so little to me! Guess you're not going to have a 9 pound baby! And I love the letters on his wall...probably way better than I could've done believe it or not! Can't wait to get my hands on the little guy!

Adam & Emily Koelling said...

OH my lord you are adorable pregnant, I know you want to stay that way forever......just kidding I read further down:) I have so much to look forward too!! I loved reading your blog:) Hope all is well.
Merry Christmas:)Em