Thursday, December 4, 2008

35 Weeks and Venting!

Ok, time to get real....I don't love being pregnant. There. I said it. There are people who say they love it. If you're one of them, Great! (I don't believe you.) There are certain things I love about being pregnant--like feeling him move around. Love that. But all in all, it's a means to an end. A very long means to a very, very special end.

Oh, little Zane, I can't wait to meet you! I can't wait to see what you look like, to kiss you, smell you, feed you, and call you silly names. I already love you so much.

But you're still getting your little bottom spanked. I love being so close to you, but honestly, the presence of a 5 lb baby in my stomach poses a few problems for mommy. I threw up for 16+ weeks. And when that ended, the back ache set in. And this numb, tingly spot at the bottom of my right ribcage. Then there's the lack of sleep. Everyone says this is getting me ready for all-nighters with a baby. I think that's stupid and that I should be able to stock up on sleep now. And at least once you're here I'll have something to do at 4am rather than stare at a wall. None of my clothes fit comfortably anymore...not even the maternity ones. And occasionally I waddle, even though I swore I wouldn't.

Yesterday I was faced with all new problems. First, I had a moment of "uh-oh.....who's gonna tie my shoes?...Too bad my dogs don't do that trick". Then I attempted to sit in the floor and wrap Christmas presents....HA! Not possible. First getting in the floor is a magic trick. And then of course I've forgotten scissors. And tape. And ribbon. Once all supplies were on hand and I was back in the floor, the wrapping begins, right? WRONG! I can't bend that far over to reach the stinkin gifts and roll paper out and cut it! Forget that idea. Most gifts will be in gift bags this year.

Matt asked me today if I had watered the Christmas tree. And he was serious. My answer, "Babe, if it requires anything near the floor, count me out." I asked him later who I could pay to clean the house and he quickly responded that he'd get the number of someone. It didn't even cross his mind that I was joking! And honestly, I wasn't.

Anyway, there's my rant. I have actually had a very uneventful pregnancy and had no real problems to complain about. I'm just at the end and ready for this thing to move along. 35 weeks down. 5 to go. At the most! If he shows up a week or two....or two & a-half early, I won't be mad! :)


Amanda said...

Laughing at the image of you trying to sit in the floor and wrap presents, hope he comes soon!

The Cates Fam said...

um...honestly...i HATED being pregnant...hated almost everything about it. don't feel bad. they women that love it are just wierd. hopefully you don't have heartburn...that was my nightmare...

hang in there. before too long you'll be taking black cohosh and drinking castrol oil. :) love ya!

the osbornes said...

Hey Sarah, I stalk your blog sometimes through Dayle's and I just had to comment on this post. I know exactly how you feel, I hated being pregnant too. Especially toward the end. I was miserable, and none of my clothes (even maternity) fit for the last 2 months! Everyone thought I was just whining but then I had a 9 1/2 pound baby! Hang in there, it really won't be much longer.
--Mandy Osborne (from Bunko)

Rachel said...

you crack me up-i totally know what you mean though! I did really love feeling addelyn move-but never missed it-i would rather have seen her and be able to hold her-hang in there! you will forget all about it the moment you see little Zane! yeah the sleeping part-sucks! but i didn't even think about it when addelyn came-i actually enjoyed being up with her at night! if i were closer to you-i would clean you house and wrap your presents!!! it's almost over!!! :)

clint and hannah fulks said...

okay sarah. believe me, i completely know where you're coming from. at 36 weeks, i was cussing clint day and night.

it was miserable. i really honestly had one pair of pants that would fit. and i didn't care what i looked like in them. it didn't matter. they fit.

trust me, you'll feel better soon. i remember the bending over/on the floor thing. clint actually asked me to bathe the dog about 2 weeks before my due date. i can't even remember what i said to him, but it wasn't pretty. he was dead serious too.

i was so swollen. i wasn't sure i would ever look "normal" again.

hang in there. just keep counting down the weeks. time seems to slow down right about now. but it will come. trust me. and your right, nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights that may come your way.

but, least you'll have something to do.

and i love that you said he's already in trouble. i swore that pratt would be grounded the day he arrived. thanks for reminding me...i'm going to go tell him right now ;)

nancy said...

sarah, you're hilarious! i found your blog through laurie's and have been keeping up with your pregnancy. i'm 14 weeks right now, so i've been gleaning info from you. :) i've been curious to see pictures of you, so thanks for sharing. wow, 35 much to look forward to. :)
nancy (goodwin) evans

Jenni said...

Hang in there! If it were up to me, you would have him anytime between Dec. 18 and Jan. 3 (cause that's when I'll be in town!). No seriously, I just can't wait to see you and hope I get to meet the little one, too.

amywelborn said...

I so feel your pain!! I totally indentify with gift wrapping! You CANNOT cut through a roll or wrapping paper...its just to far to bend! It'll be over soon! I know you don't believe me, but it will:)

laurie said...

we are so excited to see you guys! we would love to invite ourselves over to see your new house and let the dogs play! and tell matt you really DO need to get that maid service number :)

Precious Moments said...

I feel ya, literally! I hated being pregnant too, and it sounds like I dealt with all the same stuff. I hated the back problems, and I never slept. I sleep more now with a newborn! And i feel just hang in there, it will get better! --Tanna

Ashley said...

this is hilarious now that i'm not pregnant anymore! that last miserable month is, well, MISERABLE!! but totally worth it. you will forget immediately and do it again in 2 years!

last year, this time, i was in the middle of labor (5 cm) when i realized i wouldn't have to go through ONE MORE NIGHT pregnant!! when i realized this, i started telling everyone...they didn't seem to understand!

the littler you are, the harder the last part is, in my opinion. that right ribcage burning sensation is the worst. it's him trying to fit his booty under your ribcage and it just doesn't fit.

don't count on him coming'll most likely just be disappointed! think "he'll probably be one week late"...then maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised when he comes 2-3 days late! just remember, every day he stays in there is him developing and getting more mature and ready to transition into the world. my second baby was born only 1.5 weeks early (he wasn't ready to come out. i was accidentally "induced" by a massage therapist!) and he struggled more with reflux...i would have rather stayed pregnant, i think.

Jordan said...

Hang in there-you know it's so worth it. And, by the way, it doesn't get easier when you have a little boy that is yours to care for and you have no idea what you are doing!

The Horn Family said...

Sarah, I found your blog through Laurie's and was a friend of Matt and Lindsey's in HS. I was so glad to hear someone else rant about pregnancy. I hated being pregnant. I thought it would be so wonderful, but after throwing up for 32 weeks and delivering at 32 weeks and was in labor during one of our showers, I realized that pregnancy is not all it's cracked up to be! But, now I have a fantastic 15 month old who is just doing great! I love every second with that boy- although, he's wild and into everything! You guys have such a fun road ahead of you! Amy (Duncan) Horn

Jordan Malone said...

I LOVED being pregnant both times! But, I did hate that numbness under the right ribcage! Not particularly excited that you reminded me of it!
Jordan D Malone