Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Zane, aka Fire Chief
Candy turkey
Matt got to enjoy Zane's Thanksgiving feast at school. (Mommy was working.) They dressed as Indians and Zane was given the Indian name 'Fire Chief'. His class is called the Deep Sea Divers (or DC Divers, as Zane says), but they had a name change for the day, too.

He is thankful for God and his family. We sure are thankful for him and his school and teachers.

We started out Thanksgiving week with a laid back day at home, a scary-looking head injury in the garage, and making turkey hats to cover the knot/bruise.

We ended the week with our families, food, and fevers.

We had lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving day and everyday. Including, but definitely not limited to, our families (especially two new babies!), our health, and being HOME this year!
And rocking this sweet little guy.



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