Saturday, November 6, 2010

twenty-two months

What I love about each picture…

IMG_1237My sweet twenty-two month old

IMG_1238The way he pokes his lips out when he says, “shushu”. Shushu=tractor. We are in a huge tractor phase!

IMG_1239He’s “reading” his favorite book, The Red Tractor. (and his lips again)

IMG_1242Those cheeks!

IMG_1244Sorry, but it’s those lips again!

IMG_1245And one more time.


I hear his laugh everytime I look at this picture. Best sound on Earth.


He’s blowing me a kiss.

IMG_1249 He’s all boy.

IMG_1250 He is studying that shushu book.

At 22 months, Zane is LOVING any and all things tractor! He plays with tractors, looks at tractor books, even sleeps with tractors. For some reason he calls them all “shushu”s and it’s hilarious. He’s talking a little more, but it is definitely his own little language. Example: “Eeee, ah-ha, shushu” translates to “Skeet, outside, tractor”. And that’s a command! When he looks at the tractor book, he points to pictures and says, “Lola, shushu, bah-ty (bathtime), and uh-oh”.

A few other new words: Nana (he said it a thousand times when she was here), Bob, ball, and pleeeeeease.

I think Santa may need to bring him a softer shushu. Does it get any sweeter than this?


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Allyson Petty said...

They are destined to be friends...P is also really into tractors right now!