Wednesday, July 14, 2010

eighteen months



And two weeks. But who’s counting, right? My rate limiting factor is finding a picture opportunity. The times I think about taking his picture, he’s either: a. not wearing anything really cute  b. throwing a fit or  c. asleep.  So, I finally gave up and took his picture in his pjs.  They’re cute new pjs.  I think this is one of the cutest smiles I’ve ever captured!IMG_0695This month is a challenge because Matt is working nights. That clock says “7:41am”.  Matt had just walked in from work. I was on the way out the door, going to work, so we had about 5 minutes of ‘family time’. That’s 5 minutes more than we have been getting. Zane and I have honestly gone three day stretches lately without laying eyes on Matt.  Boo. Not fun.IMG_0694Sad story. See Zane wiggling to get away? The kid has NO fear. His new fun thing to do is free fall backwards off of the ottoman onto his monkey bean bag.                                  IMG_0698Right after this picture was taken, he did his free fall. Except….the bean bag wasn’t there. And he banged the back of this head soooo hard! Poor baby. :(

IMG_0687 Things he’s doing right now…

*Jabbering a lot. He really likes the “gl” sound. He sounds like, “Glee gla gly gly gly glug”.  I think that means, “I sure do love my mama”.

*He comprehends everything we say. We have our normal routine of me asking, “Where’s your ears/eyes/ nose/tongue/fingers/toes/bellybutton/hair?  He points to all of them. Honks everyone’s nose, wants to see everyone’s belly button, and give everyone high five. Just to make sure he doesn’t have the routine memorized, I’ll ask him to do wacky stuff. Like, “Put the sock on your head.” And he does. He’ll also point out all family members in pictures or around the room. And when we say, “Where’s Zane?”, he points to his cheek.

*He pulls at my face when he wants me to get up and play with him.

*He makes puppy noises. No, not barking. Whining noises. He makes an excellent elephant noise and puts his finger on the end of his nose like an elephant trunk. He makes a fishy face when he sees fish.

*New words: out, laaanzee (Lindsey), dog (when watching baby einstein), cold, ice.

*Takes one nap a day, right after lunch. Usually lasts 2 or 3 hours. Naps are good for the soul -- Zane’s naps, my soul.

*I’m thinking about potty training…he’s very aware of “pottying”. He sometimes says “uh oh” when he needs his diaper changed.

*LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim. Jumps in the pool. Even off of the diving board. Will walk down the stairs, go under water, and swim to me. Then he turns around, I give him a little push, and he swims back to the stairs. He’s a little fish.

*He’s obsessed with shoes.

*He’s so goofy. This morning he was doing some silly dance for me and Matt. It looked like he was walking with his legs spread wide apart. And he knew it was funny.

*He’s STILL such an unpredictable sleeper! Sometimes he goes to bed/nap without a peep. Most nights he sleeps all night. But some nights he screams his head off when I put him to bed. And some nights he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, multiple times. Sometimes he goes right back to sleep…..but sometimes we’re  up from midnight to 4 am!  Don’t expect to see a newborn around here anytime soon.  I feel like I still have one.

*He gives me this look pretty often while shaking his head ‘no’:IMG_0681 *Kisses everyone he meets. He’s a lover, not a hater. :)IMG_0690I was pushing him in the cart at WalMart today when he reached up and put both of his chubby little arms around my neck. Then he put both hands on my cheeks and gave me a big kiss. And said, “awwww”. He did this probably three times. He has no idea how that melted my heart. Those precious little moments make it all worth it.                   IMG_0475

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