Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten months old

**Update: Z had his nine month checkup today (at 10 months). He got his first flu shot and put on a pretty good little show. Once again, Dr. Magee said that he's perfect!
Length: 29.29 inches (75th%)
Weight: 20lb 4.5oz (25-50th%)
Head Circumference: 47cm (90th%) He's got his daddy's "Bell Head"!

Happy early Halloween! I'm not much of a Halloween person, but I do love fall. I think we found the perfect little pumpkin this year, too!Today is Zane's 10 month birthday! That means only two months until he's....you know....not a baby!? (I know, that was some hard math I just performed, right?)

Not only does he keep getting bigger and smarter each month, but he gets funnier! So maybe I'm a little biased, but I really think he is the funniest kid! He knows that he's funny, and does stuff just to make us laugh! Our all time fave is still the good ole Popeye face!What a stinker! He loves "Pumpkin Bear" that you see in the picture. KayeKaye gave it to him. Pumpkin Bear usually stays in the carseat, but made an escape for picture time. Z knows that PB stays in the car, and as soon as I put him in the carseat he is reaching for it. When you squeeze its hand, it laughs (in a kind of creepy way) and says "Happy Halloween". Z thinks that's pretty funny and learned how to make it work by biting its hand.

Zane and Pumpkin Bear
Zane and Frankie
You want me to what? Sit down? No, thanks!
At 10 months, Zane:

*Finally has somewhat of a schedule: Breakfast, play, bottle & nap, lunch, play, bottle and nap, play, dinner, bath, bedtime!

*Consistently goes to bed around 7:30 or 8. He usually wakes up once in the early morning (4 or 5), takes and bottle and goes back to sleep. As luck would have it, if it's a morning that I work, I wake him up by putting him in the car...around 7:15. Of course, if it's a day I'm off.....and want to sleep....guess who's up at 6:30?! Zane-O! Ready to play!

*Still scratches everything! He's got some kind of weird obsession with different textures.

*Calls all dogs "Lola". And "Lola" is said in a deep voice. Different than other words, such as "Dada". That is said in a really sweet, high pitched voice.

*Will pat his head when asked where his head is.

*Will wave his hands in the air and "Call the Hogs!"

*Fake coughs on demand

*Growls and pants like a dog.

*Will eat anything you put in his mouth or on his high chair!

*Loves his stuffed lamb. Well....loves to bite her face, anyway!

*Pays close attention to detail. Rather than pull the dogs' tail or ears, he will gently pinch one whisker or toenail. He seems to always pick out the smallest little detail on things.

*Pulls up, crawls, wants to walk SO badly...and can do it if he holds onto something with one hand, and can stand unassisted for about 30 seconds.

Sorry for the long post...probably boring to everyone but me. I just want to remember what he was doing at this age! Recently I got some good video of some of the funny things he's doing and will try to post them later.

Love this kid....especially when he looks like this:


Amanda said...

He's a cute little pumpkin. I can't believe he's 10 months already!

Rachel Austin said...

Not boring! He is so cute!

Jordan said...

What a funny little man-isn't it cute how they know when they're funny? :) William is obsessed with the dogs' toenails too. I can't seem to figure that one out!

Allyson Petty said...

I love that he acts like a dog.....poor Paisley and Lola, I know he's rockin' their world!
Phillip said the picture of him and monkey looks like the exact same tackle he put on Parker.