Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nine months old

April 08 - December 08.....longest nine months of my life. December 27, 08 - September 27, 09.....fastest nine months of my life! I now have a very busy, mischievous little boy on my hands. He is pulling up on everything and LOVES to "walk"....with the assistance of someone holding his hands. Today he actually crawled for the first time! He's been getting on all fours for awhile now, but hadn't actually conquered the crawl until today.

Proof of mischievousness:
Zane has seven words in his vocabulary: hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, ba-ba (bottle), Lola (Matt's parents' dog, his all-time favorite word....he says this, um...about 500 times a day), and Pay-pay (Paisley, one of our dogs). He calls Emma, our other dog, "Lola", too. He also waves bye-bye and puts his hand to his mouth to blow a kiss. We're still working on the "blowing the kiss" part.
He eats pretty much anything we're eating. His faves right now are waffle and fruit for breakfast, refried beans, avocado, and gnocchi. The only food I've found that he really didn't like was zucchini. Most kids would spit it out, right? Nope, not Zane! He just sits there with his mouth open and cries! So I either have to get it out with my finger or get him something to drink to wash it down. It's just down right pitiful!

His favorite past times are "walking", playing with his LeapFrog table and SillyTown toys, and cell phones and remote controls. He LOVES to be outside. Total boy. He has books that are "touch & feel", where the animals are fluffy or leathery or sticky. So now he tries to feel of the pages of every book. He's a pretty smart little cookie.
He's just now starting to get on a schedule....like, where most 6 week-old babies are...that's where we're getting to now! HA! This kid does NOT require sleep, but we're getting him to bed pretty consistently around 7:30/8pm. He usually wakes up once during the night. Then he gets up early to start his day -- like anywhere from 4:45 to 6:15am! Yikes! He hates sleep so much that he has started hitting himself in the head when he gets sleepy. What in the world? Surely that's not normal behavior!?

He makes his "Popeye face" on command and it is still the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! All in all, he's a pretty sweet kid and we've decided to keep him around for awhile. :)

The End


amywelborn said...

I'm impressed he is talking so m uch!! Wow! He is so cute! Love the lil scrunchy faced pic!

the osbornes said...

Wow, he says more words than Noah (18 months) does! Ha! He is way too cute. I love how you did "The End" ;)

nancy said...

Sounds like Zane is so much fun! Glad y'all are getting some sleep--he's quite an early riser! You're really good at capturing all his different faces on camera--that's hard to do.

Jordan said...

That is quite a vocabulary, Zane. You're one smart (and cute) cookie! Isn't it fun when they eat what you're eating? William officially stopped eating any baby food 2 weeks ago, and he has been eating the "big kid" lunch at daycare this week-scary. Loved seeing you and hope we can get these boys together soon!

The Cross Family said...

Zane really is getting so big! What a cutie!! I don't see how you are managing the little sleep stuff, that is no fun at all. It is crazy how different kids are. My child sleeps good and is on a pretty good schedule, but the eating part - not so great. She still does great with baby few and a few other things, but the texture of grown-up food isn't going well. She pulls it out or just chokes and throws up. Fun times! Guess we can't have it all...just close to it. ;)

Amanda said...

He's getting so big! That's great that he's talking so much. He is gonna be a lady-killer with that smile:)