Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Six months old

I'm late (as usual)! Zane turned six months old on June 27th. Can you believe he's been here a whole half year? He changes daily and has become so much fun lately as he develops his own little personality. We went for his well child visit yesterday and he's just perfect (except for an ear infection). Matt was a little disappointed in his stats. He was in the 90th percentile in length at birth and is now in the 25th percentile! Since his last monthly update, the sleeping issue has improved--if you want to call it that! He's gone from sleeping one & two hour stretches, to sleeping 3 & 4 hour stretches. I know, don't be jealous....Yes, we're still zombies. He is (I think) starting to at least take a morning nap. He'll sleep one day.....right? If not, he's destined to be an only child.

Some 6 month info:

*17.5 lbs (50th %), 26 inches (25th %), and his head circumference was in the 60th %
*can roll both ways
*can sit-up without support for a short time
*has developed a fake cough. I really need to get this on video because it is HI-larious!
*likes to give me big open-mouthed kisses....that also involve sucking on my cheek or chin....a little odd
*mimicks us making a clicking sound with our tongues
*says what sounds like 'hi' in a really high pitched voice
*can blow 'raspberries' and bubbles
*sleeps in his own room (for most of the night, anyway)
*LOVES the pool and bathtime. He splashes his little heart out!
*has tried some solid foods. He liked his homemade butternut squash and carrots....not so fond of peaches, yet....hates plain rice cereal.

Six Month Photo Session

Nice to meet you. I'm Zane.
Done yet?


Jordan said...

Oh, so cute! I'm behind on my monthly post too (I know, we have nothing else to do, right?)! Can't wait to meet Zane-O, hopefully later this summer!

amywelborn said...

So cute! LOVE the new header pic!!!! Happy 6 month birthday Zane!

Allyson Petty said...

Love the pic of him w/ his arm up on the arm rest like a big boy!

Laken said...

Such a cutie! He is going to be such a heartbreaker.