Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!


I hope you are proud of me today. You took me shopping for the first time and you seemed a little nervous....but I slept the whole time! Dad got you some pretty awesome jeans for Valentine's Day and you seemed to really like the red & white roses that I got you (I hope you don't mind that I charged them to you.) Tell Aunt Lindsey thanks for my special Valentine-edition Mr. Potato Head, Miss Lauran thanks for my Valentine outfit, and Aunt Lynn thanks for my Valentine monkey! I must be a pretty special boy.




The Cross Family said...

Zane is getting so big! Happy 1st Valentines Day to him! Hope you had a good one.

hannah fulks said...

dear zane,

your mommy is oh, so funny. you are one lucky little boy.

Kristen & David said...

Happy Valentine's little man! You are so thoughtful to get your mommy roses! What a sweet little man!

Amanda said...

He is getting big, and still super cute!

Jordan said...

That little Zane-O-Potato-Head is one cute little valentine :)

The Bertram's said...

Sarah Zane is sooo cute - I want to hold him. I know you guys are so proud - you all did a good job - he is a doll baby!