Friday, January 16, 2009

I love.....

holding hands,

a sleeping baby,

that he sleeps with his mouth open, and has his daddy's nose,

that he's a thinker,

that sometimes life is tough,

these beautiful eyes,

this dimple,

this shirt,

this hat,

the boys spending time together in the woods,

Matt in his fly fishing hat,

finding my boys like this,

our first family trip to the cabin, (and that Matt looks like he has horns!),

this yawn,

and being Zane's mommy.


Precious Moments said...

I love all your new pictures...especially the yawn! That's my favorite! Glad to see that yall are doing well, and baby Zane is just as cute as he can be!

The Cates Fam said...

that toally made me cry...ya'll are all so beautifully in love.

clint and hannah fulks said...

"that sometimes like is tough"

that is my favorite. he is such a handsome little boy.

i had lunch with allyson the other day. the three of us should hang out soon. i would really love to meet little zane.

love to you three.

Jordan said...

Precious! The last one of you two on the couch is my favorite. Don't you just love when they fall asleep on you?! Hope you're doing well. Call me soon so we can compare notes!

Rachel said...

so sweet!!! Zane is just precious-looks like y'all are enjoying every minute! congrats!

Chris & Whitney said...

Yea! You got to update it! I love all the pictures - especially the last one of you & Zane!

It was great to see you both yesterday and to finally get a chance to visit. You look fantastic, and I can't wait to cuddle with Zane again!

Jenni said...

Soooo sweet! I love every last picture. Thanks for sharing all of them! I was so good to see you before I left town, even if it was for only a minute. Give Zane some love from me.

nancy said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! He's adorable, and it looks like y'all are doing great. His little face is so expressive. I'm partial to the yawn pic, too. Looks like I have a lot to look forward to. :)

Jordan Malone said...

Such precious pics....of course I love the ones of "the boys" because I can relate to how sweet it is to see your man in love with a little boy! Hopefully I can come visit you soon?!! I got to see Sarah Clements' 11 lb 10 oz whopper of a baby in the hospital. All I have to say is, WOW!

Eric and Leslie Warford said...

I cannot get enough of these pictures. Too sweet!

Chris & Whitney said...

You know what I love??? More pictures of Zane!

Melissa said...

Sarah, I stumbled across your blog by complete accident and I must tell you that tears sprang to my eyes as I clicked on The Bells thinking to myself "I knew a little boy once named Matt Bell, wonder if it's some relation" and to my wonderous surprise there he was with a beautiful family!!! I know you're wondering who I am..hehe..When I was 6yrs old Keith and Zanette moved next door to my family in Little Rock and when Zanette was pregnant with Matthew I rubbed her tummy each day in anticipation for my new best friend to arrive!!! I was 7 when he was born and I thought he was my very own babydoll!! My mother babysat him also, so we were all very, very close. I haven't seen him since he was about 5, we all moved away and lost touch, but I have never forgotten him and think of him each year on his birthday! Baby Zane looks identical to Matthew and you're right he has a blessed name, Papa Zane used to take Matt and I for donuts in Conway when I would stay with him and Mama Doot. I loved them both so much!! I am soo very please to see that Matthew is so loved and you are a beautiful young woman and I know a perfect Mommy. Time flies!! I'm sure Matt doesn't remember me, but if you tell him his Sissy said hi, I know his mom will know who you are talking about!! I would love to hear from Matt, so I will include my email address, please give my love to all and I will be keeping up with that precious angel through your blog!! Please forgive my rambling!:)Congratulations and God Bless!!

Melissa Wade Dillinger aka Sissy

The Ward Family said...

Zane is so handsome...what a creative post! I can't believe you just had a baby, you look great! Give kisses to little Zane and tell Matt, Sweet Chuck says "hey"

Kristen & David said...

Those are awesome! What a sweet post and such a sweet family!
(I did laugh out loud at the horns though!)