Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged by hannah.pratt.fulks.....That means this blog must include seven random facts about myself...I know, scary.

1. I always sit facing the door in restaurants....ALWAYS. Maybe it's survival instinct...gotta see the danger before it attacks, can't let anything sneak up on me. Or maybe I'm just nosey and want to see people as they walk through the door. Yeah, that's probably it.

2. I color coordinate my closet. White, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, black. Then I take it a step further....if available, red shirts go on red hangers, blue shirts on blue hangers, etc. I've been known to go out and buy new hangers in a specific color. I also have sections: short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts, jeans, pants, dresses, jackets. Good thing I have a big closet.

3. If you're ever at my house and want to help clean up the kitchen, don't load the dishwasher. I'll probably just rearrange it when you're not looking. I have a specific way I like dishes to face. Matt has made me leave the kitchen before so that I won't see how he loads it. I mean, if they're clean, I'm not gonna rearrange and REwash, but if it hasn't been turned on yet, it's fair game for rearrangement.

4. I've had 11 room/apartment/housemates. Is that alot? Let's start at the beginning....Freshman year I lived in Francis-Crawford with Sarah Green Orr. That summer I shared an apartment in Arkadelphia with Mary Beth Olvey and Cindy Quinney. Sophomore year I lived in Perrin West with Whitney Baker White. That summer I lived in the Really Old, Stinky Ouachita apartments (I think that might have even been their official name) with Angela Pickens. First semester of Junior year I lived in Maddox with Whitney again (not counting her twice) and Julia McFerrin and Janelle Lyon Hunt. Second semester I moved into the Caddo apartments with Jenni Greer and Amanda Perkins. That summer, Jenni and Amanda were replaced with Gwendolyn McCollum Howell and Megan McGraw Frisby, and temporarily Angela lived with us (illegally, I might add :)....don't tell Keldon). I didn't count Angela twice and I won't count Jenni twice, even though I did live in an apartment in Little Rock with her my first year of pharmacy school. Does this mean I'm hard to live with? Well, I can happily say that I've had the same "roommate" now for over 5 years and he hasn't moved out...yet! I guess that makes it 12. Should I include the three 'tenants' that Matt and I have housed along the way?....nah....

5. I assign a gender to all numbers, letters, and colors. For example, white and yellow are girls, brown and green are boys. One and six -- girls, four and five --boys. C and M are girls, F and R are boys. You may be wondering, "If one is a girl, does that make all numbers 10-19 girls?" Nope, you go by the second digit.

6. I'm TERRIFIED of storms. Once I was on a boat at Lake DeGray....a HUGE black cloud was looming in front of us....the people I was with wanted to drive around the storm! Around it??? Really??? No way! I cried...real tears. And was about to jump out of the boat and swim back to the dock. I was probably 26 when this happened. They took me back.

7. I started out my relationship with Matt based on a lie. Okay, that's a little harsh. It was just a little white lie. Let me explain....So we were at that 'new' stage, where maybe he'd wait for me after Organic class, studying for quizzes in big group suddenly wasn't as much fun as studying alone.....we weren't "together", but something was there....You get the picture. Anyway, I heard that he was a big Pat Green fan. (At this time no one knew who Pat Green was.) So I downloaded some Pat songs, listened to them, memorized them, actually liked them... and the first time I picked Matt up in my car, guess what was subtly and softly playing? Matt heard it and said (and I quote), "Is that Pat Green?! You're the coolest girl I know!" Of course I'm the coolest girl he knows....duh... Anyway, I really did become a Pat fan. At our wedding we danced to a good ole Pat Green tune, Family Man. During our dance I confessed my little secret. I'm sure we were destined to be together anyway...but it couldn't have hurt, right?

Feel free to share your thoughts on how strange I am....

I now tag:
1. Devin Bertram
2. Jessica Cates
3. Jaime Melcher
4. Jordan Woodruff


clint and hannah fulks said...

sarah, i have laughed so hard at these. i can't pick a favorite. i love the one about danger sneaking up on you. but my all time favorite is the one where you assign genders to colors and numbers.


i have never ever ever heard of this. ever. and i've heard some crazy things.

i'm fairly certain that you are a walking psychology experiment.

the part about using the second digit sent me over the edge.

my favorite post so far.

laurie said...

ok well i'm glad that you already tagged your people before i told you that i have now gone OVER the edge and started a blog (nope, i'm not preggo) so come see us at

Jaime Melcher said...

You are crazy!
When are you coming over to organize my closet?
When do I get to come over to see Zane's new crib?
What is a J? boy or girl? You're crackin' me up! seriously!

Chris & Whitney said... since I lived with you for a year and a half (see number 4) I knew about all of these...except for #5! Are you kidding me? Too funny...and what I want to know is how you decide if things are male or female? I swear Sarah Bell - the wonder of you never ceases!

Jenni said...

Sarah that was hilarious! I forgot how much you make me laugh since we never see each other anymore. Also, I have to comment that since we were roommates twice and they were a year or two apart, I believe I am qualified to say you are not hard to live with. BUT-does that mean you came behind me and rearranged the dishwasher all the time without me realizing it? Because I am seriously picky about how the dishes are placed in the diswasher and I don't remember that being an issue. I'll be home for Christmas Dec. 18, so if you aren't miserably pregnant at that point, we should definitely have lunch!

Jordan said...

I don't think I could possibly compete with that! You are too funny! I'll try to complete my tag assignment as soon as I can, but I'm gonna have to put a lot of thought into it :)

laurie said...

i think i'm confused about the tagging thing, what do i have to do?

The Bertram's said...

You are funny - I really feel like I know you better now. The gender thing you might want to get analyzed - and I never knew the story about Pat Green - I love it, that is great.