Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laura Blakely White

New babies are so precious! And today I got to hold one! One of my roommates from college (I only had about 8), Whitney, had her second baby girl yesterday. Blakely weighed 9 lbs 10 oz! Big ole' baby...kinda scary to us pregnant folk. Anyway, she is adorable and just perfect and Whitney is a great mom. I can't wait until I have one of my own to squeeze!....(but not too tight).


Jordan said...

She is a cutie, but I hope for both of us that our babies are a little more petite! Sarah, you look great. I'm ready for the next belly pic!

Rachel said...

I am so excited you have a blog now-you look great! being pregnant is so much fun-CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Chris & Whitney said...

Ok, ok, I know she is bigger than your average baby, but she's still so little! even the 0-3 month clothes hang on her! probably helped that she lost over a pound while we were still at the hospital!